Welcome Knitters, Netflix watchers, or both!


We’re just a group of knitters watching Netflix streams. We sometimes do one or the other, or both. I’m such a beginner, that I can’t do both right now, but I can listen. If I try to do both, I end up forgetting if I did a knit stitch or a purl stitch. I have ripped apart many scarves because of this inability to concentrate. And having two children who seem to want to talk over each other, invade my space at its quietest, and bicker with each other doesn’t really help either. Ah well, I’ll get them back when I knit them socks as a Christmas present next year.


One thought on “Welcome Knitters, Netflix watchers, or both!

  1. Well played, Tim. says:

    Whois doesn’t even have this domain listed yet.

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