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A Bug in my System

A Bug in my System

Can’t Knit until I feel better. My throat sounds like it’s filled with mylar cat toys. My temperature keeps fluctuating and my joints ache– for almost a week now. But not to worry, I’ll be back practicing in no time…


rib stitch practice

rib stitch practice

the future unraveling stitch

Yes today, through all of my housework and parental obligations I am going to practice my rib stitch. A rib stitch is one that creates a “ribbed” design in your work; two knit stitches and two purl stitches; that’s how it’s supposed to go. But in my case it will probably go 5 knit 3 purl 18 knit, 1 purl….unravel, laundry, vacuum, clean the bathroom, aspirin, start the whole thing over. But that’s okay.

In the end my scarf should look like something you would find at fine retailers like Wal Mart, Rite Aid or Goodwill. No matter, a good documentary, some nice lighting and I should be level-minded enough to work through my frustration.

I did notice a documentary on Netflix about the earthquake in Japan not too long ago, “Megaquake: Hour that shook Japan” but every time I watch a show about earthquakes, I tend to imagine that I’m feeling one at any given moment. My husband gets sick of me asking, “Did you feel that?”

It’s So Exciting!

Our traffic to this site has been phenomenal!Thank you all you curious wanna-be knitters and Netflix watchers! My son was a little upset with me last night. I wanted to change the yarn I was using because I was getting frustrated with the rib stitches I was doing. I pulled out a ball of blue yarn and started another scarf. My son walked in, saw me and got this sad look on his face. I forgot that I bought him this yarn for his finger knitting projects. Hundreds of dollars on Christmas gifts, a trip to Disneyland and  Xbox games, it’s the ball of cheap yarn he’s upset about! He’s just like me.

Listen, learning to knit is easy! Basically you’re making a knot on a needle and transferring it to another one. But hey, it took me a little while to even figure that out. The good news is, is that this site is more than just knitting, and more than just watching Netflix. Whether you prefer one over the other, or something else entirely, we may have you covered. So head on up to the top of this page, or wherever the “follow” button is and click it. This is going to be fun!

Welcome Knitters, Netflix watchers, or both!


We’re just a group of knitters watching Netflix streams. We sometimes do one or the other, or both. I’m such a beginner, that I can’t do both right now, but I can listen. If I try to do both, I end up forgetting if I did a knit stitch or a purl stitch. I have ripped apart many scarves because of this inability to concentrate. And having two children who seem to want to talk over each other, invade my space at its quietest, and bicker with each other doesn’t really help either. Ah well, I’ll get them back when I knit them socks as a Christmas present next year.